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  • Vermont Senate Votes 21-9 for Marijuana Legalization

    The Vermont Senate voted 21-9 on Friday to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana, a permissive stance on pot senators acknowledged the House is unlikely to embrace. “We know that prohibition has not worked,” Sen. Jeanette White (D-Windham) said. “Let’s make it safer, less accessible to kids.” The vote came in response to an amendment White […]

  • Tax money from marijuana sales helping students pay for college in Colorado

    Marijuana is a $1.3 billion industry in Colorado, and the ensuing tax revenue is helping students pay for college. Pueblo County is one area benefiting from an influx of marijuana tax money. Now the county is doing something that’s a first in Colorado: distributing pot-funded scholarships to college students. “I don’t think without this scholarship […]

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  • The Exhaustive List Of Everyone Who’s Died Of A Marijuana Overdose

    Thursday is April 20, better known to many as 4/20, or “Weed Day.” People around the world are celebrating the unofficial marijuana holiday by gathering for rallies, smoke-outs, policy discussions and thousands of other weed-centric events. It’s a day of blissful hypocrisy for millions of cannabis users in the U.S., who by and large are […]

  • Episode 46 – TGS LIVE Stream

    Larry Ulibarri Just hanging on the block in Denver. No big deal Happy 420!! This week Larry and Wignz hanging out at 420 on the Block, we see that Uli-Berry Strain, and Parts 10 and 11 of the Uli-Berry Strain documentary. Part 10 and 11 Uli-Berry Strain

  • Most Americans support medical marijuana, believe it’s less dangerous than alcohol, tobacco and opioids

    Eight in 10 Americans think marijuana should be legal for medical use, and nearly half — 49 percent — approve of smoking pot for recreation purposes, according to a new poll designed to gauge the nation’s opinions about cannabis. Commissioned by Yahoo! News and performed by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, the survey […]

  • 11 charts that show marijuana has truly gone mainstream

    Many marijuana users hide their stash in their closets. Most people who use marijuana are parents. There are almost as many marijuana users as there are cigarette smokers in the U.S. Those facts and many more are among the conclusions of new survey from Yahoo News and Marist University, which illustrates how pot has become […]

  • Colorado lawmakers wash hands of regulating pot clubs

    Colorado lawmakers on Thursday backed off plans to become the first U.S. state to regulate marijuana clubs, saying approval of Amsterdam-style pot clubs could invite a federal crackdown. It was perhaps the starkest display yet of legal pot states’ uncertainty on how to regulate the drug under President Donald Trump. Alaska marijuana regulators recently delayed […]

  • Kelly: Marijuana ‘not a factor’ in drug war

    Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Sunday that marijuana is “not a factor” in the war on drugs and that solving the nation’s drug problem does not involve “arresting a lot of users.” Kelly, appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” was discussing his work to stop the flow of drugs into the United […]

  • Episode 45 – TGS LIVE Stream

    Larry Ulibarri Kathie J stops by as our guest in TGS Studio to not talk about the elephant in the room. Larry and Wign’z have Kathie J in the Studio (but the lawyers are also present in the studio to keeping them from speaking about the hottest topic in Denver), 420 on the Block is […]