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  • Spring Bundles are Here

    Hippity hoppity, the Cannabis Bunny is on his way with some spectacular treats for your basket! The Green Solution® is offering two marvelous Spring Bundles to make your season a little greener (sale prices good until May 21st). The first is our Convenience Pack, which contains four must-have items at incredible discounts. You can snag […]

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    Meet the TGS Family

    At The Green Solution ®, our success is based in big part on our product  — we offer the finest cannabis available, at a fair and competitive price. But a huge part of the TGS puzzle is our people. We believe that we have the best team in the industry, and we couldn’t be prouder of […]

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  • Let the Good Times (Pre)Roll

    Joints. They’re classic, convenient, and probably the first way you ever smoked marijuana. But you’ve come a long way since then, Baby. Sometimes you want to roll your own with fine flower from The Green Solution, but there are times when you want someone else to do the work so you can just enjoy. Or […]

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    MacGyver Your Cannabis Experience

    If you’re anything like us, you love to find new ways to experience cannabis. That’s why we here at The Green Solution are constantly inventing new products for you to enjoy. One of our favorites you may not have tried yet is the NectarBee Twistpenser. This handy little tube works like a chap stick, but […]

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    Every day low prices at TGS are even lower for Colorado Medical Marijuana card holders. Until 3/31, take advantage of a limited time offer of 30% off your total purchase.Your medical cannabis needs has never been so cost efficient and, this is perfect time to stock up for the months to come. It’s your time to try our […]

  • $99 ounces are BACK!!

    You heard right, Colorado. We have $99 ounces back in stock. It’s been a while, but we are very excited to have this deal available for all our customers. Short on cash? You can’t forget about our $5 grams as well. No matter what your budget is, The Green Solution has something for everyone. Stop […]