10 marijuana myths you should stop believing

Marijuana has been at the center of controversy for years, praised as both a miracle drug and a gateway demon drug. In the U.S., medical marijuana has become legal in half of the 50 states; legal recreational use is also expanding. Undoubtedly, marijuana offers an array of benefits to human health, but the science behind its healing abilities tells us to err on the side of caution. Still, not everything you’ve heard about marijuana, good or bad, is true, and there are many big myths you should stop believing.

In the video “10 LIES You Were Told About Marijuana”, host Matthew Santoro explains there is a stigmatization when it comes to weed, but he hopes to set the record straight. Drug warriors have been successful in instilling fear about the dangers of smoking weed, with false information about the effects of marijuana use. This had led to common pieces of misinformation that we’ve all heard and believe, that aren’t true.

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