Ultra Slim Cones FTW

You love joints, don’t you? So do we. They’re portable, potent, and pretty much the perfect delivery system for fine TGS flower. What’s not to love? That’s why The Green Solution® offers a variety of Pre-Rolls for your smoking convenience.

Take, for instance, our Ultra Slim Cones. Our co-founder, Kyle Speidell, calls them “the first bummable joint that you don’t have to hoard.” This filtered, cone-style joint contains .5g of the Premium TGS flower you love. But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Our Pre-Rolls are strain-specific. And I don’t just mean indica, sativa, or hybrid-specific, I mean actually strain-specific. And that means choices for you. Whatever your favorite flavor, TGS has you covered.

And you know what’s better than one? Ten is better than one, my friend. And at TGS, you can purchase a 10 pack of Ultra Slim Cones so you’ll never be caught empty-handed again.