Abandoned Nuclear Bunker Turned into Massive Grow

Strange things happen in places that haven’t legalized cannabis. Take for instance what happened earlier this year in England. Acting on a tip, British police discovered a large-scale cannabis grow. Not so unusual unless you consider the circumstances – the grow was set up in an abandoned nuclear bunker.

The bunker was a relic of the cold war and had been built in the 1980s to house government officials in the event of a nuclear attack. It has 20 rooms spread over two floors, and each room is 200 feet long and 70 feet wide. A police representative said, “almost every single room had been converted for the wholesale production of cannabis plants, and there was a large amount of evidence of previous crops.” The bunker also included living quarters for the gardeners who tended the plants – all 4,000 plants.

That’s right. Three enterprising blokes had found their way into the “nearly impenetrable” bunker and set up a grow capable of producing over $2.5 million per year in cannabis. Keep in mind, cannabis is illegal in England (in 2014, 67% of all drug offenses in the UK were cannabis possession) so this whole endeavor was very, very risky. In addition to the illegality of cannabis, these fellows were diverting over a quarter of a million dollars worth of electricity a year to the grow.
Sadly, all that beautiful cannabis went to waste, and the gents who came up with the scheme are facing serious prison time.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…we’re so fortunate to live in a state with legalized cannabis!