Award winning Stout Cake by NectarBee®

Catch the Buzz

–Carlos Herbert Hernandez

Listen. We have just solved a huge problem.

No one knew how to improve chocolate, beer, and pretzels. The question was asked far and wide. Waists expanded as we kept sampling new ideas: replacing pretzel dough with pizza dough, switching out domestically brewed swill for premium micro brews, sitting at a bar watching the Broncos destroy their division rivals all last season. Years ago, people started combining them. Still, something was amiss.

Then, NectarBee® put marijuana in it.

Our culinary team has done it again. We made another one of your favorite sweet-savory combinations, and added a new “cerebral” dimension to it. Working in the most sophisticated facility in Denver, we extracted The Green Solution’s award-winning flower and worked our magic with a list of ingredients you could probably find in your kitchen RIGHT NOW. *But please, don’t try this at home. Leave it to the pros.


As usual, your edibles come individually sealed in 4-packs so you can enjoy them at your own pace. We recommend waiting about two hours before having a second one, but we get it: beer, pretzel, chocolate, and infused oil? It won’t be easy. Plus, we test homogeneity in-house, so every bite is consistently potent, satisfaction guaranteed.

At less than 7 bucks for a 4-pack, these are a great addition to a smoke sesh with friends. Grab a palm blunt or NectarBee pre-loaded cartridge and enhance the experience with more rapid onset effects for more control over how you experience cannabis. Still, friends or no friends, grab a NectarBee infused Root Beer for the best buzz.


It’s the best time for infused edibles, drinks, and tinctures at The Green Solution dispensaries. Log on to to choose from our entire lineup of marijuana and marijuana products. Save 20% on our mix ‘n match deal when you buy 4 or more NectarBee edibles or tinctures. We’ll email and text you when it’s ready for pickup at one of 13 Colorado locations of your choosing.

–Carlos Herbert Hernandez