Black Friday: Truffle Spectacular

This year, The Green Solution®, is here to make your Black Friday…well, green! Not only do we have the amazing offers we told you about in our Holiday Gift Guide, but we have an extremely special one-day-only offer for you. With any purchase you make this Friday (11/24/17), you can buy one of our classic Key Lime Truffles for just one cent (while supplies last)! These white chocolate and lime confections are infused with hybrid hash oil and are the perfect introduction to our new line of strain-specific truffles. Once you try Key Lime, you’ll definitely want to try the three other varieties. If you’re craving a sativa experience, choose the Raspberry Cheesecake truffle. If an indica is more to your liking, try a yummy S’more. CBD more your style? Hazelnut Chai is for you. Each truffle is infused with 10 mg of THC, and available for the low price of $2.95. Better yet, try a truffle flight and get all four for just $9.95!

Now for a little history to impress your friends. The day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday,” but why? The myth is that it’s the first day of the year when retailers operate “in the black,” meaning the first day they make a profit. But the term actually originated in the 1950s with the frustration of the Philadelphia police. Philadelphia’s Finest were overwhelmed by the crowds that swarmed into the city to shop and attend the annual Army-Navy football game. Keeping the peace required every cop to work on the day after Thanksgiving, so the day came to be known as “black” (as in bad and depressing) Friday. Over the years, the day has lost its negative connotation, and today it’s just when we shop ourselves silly getting ready for the gift-giving season ahead.

Happy shopping!