California moves to unite conflicting marijuana laws

Whether one entity can legally grow and sell marijuana at the retail level in California is emerging as one of the biggest conflicts state authorities are wrestling with as they move to streamline regulations and adopt the same rules for medical and recreational pot use.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration released documents late Tuesday outlining proposed changes to square the state’s new recreational pot law with its longstanding law on medical marijuana.

The two laws took different approaches in many areas – including whether one entity could hold multiple licenses to grow, manufacture, distribute and sell in retail stores. The governor is seeking to “harmonize” those regulations.

The Democrat governor’s administration has stressed that one regulatory framework is needed to avoid duplicating costs and confusing businesses in a marijuana economy expected to grow to $7 billion in annual sales annually after recreational sales become legal in California next year.

The governor’s attempt to reconcile the two laws hasn’t met any formal opposition, though the proposal is lengthy and complicated and groups such as the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force, comprised of Southern California marijuana businesses, is still reviewing the plan.

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