Can I take marijuana on a plane?

Here’s what you need to know before traveling with weed

The most straightforward answer is no, you still can’t legally take marijuana on a plane. According to Cannabist, even states where marijuana is legal have laws where you cannot take it over state lines. And even if you’re flying from Seattle to Denver, you’re going to cross over some places where the drug is not allowed.
Here’s where it gets fuzzy

The thing is, many people believe TSA agents are the equivalent of cops, which is untrue. It is not the job of the agents to arrest you; instead, they are providing security. If you are found to be doing something you shouldn’t when going through security, the local law enforcement will be notified.

In addition, the TSA has put out an official statement, saying they do not search for marijuana or other drugs. However, because they are “governed by federal law,” they can refer anyone in any state carrying weed to local law enforcement, as marijuana is still federally considered a Schedule I substance.

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