Cannabis, Clubs, and Classes

Get Creative and Make New Friends

For those of us old enough to remember the bad old days of prohibition, the legalization of cannabis is somewhat miraculous. What we used to enjoy furtively behind closed doors is now out in the open and legally sanctioned (at least here in Colorado). One of the wonderful side effects of legalization is the opportunity to meet other cannabis consumers in a safe and fun environment while enjoying a hobby or artistic pursuit. Classes and clubs that feature cannabis as a supplement rather than the main event are popping up all over the country. Here are a few to check out in Denver.

1.) Cannabis Literary Society. Full disclosure: I’m a literature maven. I love books. I love everything about literature, and I generally have at least one book in my bag at any given time. So, I was quite happy to learn about the newly launched Cannabis Literary Society. Think of it as a book club plus cannabis. The group meets monthly to discuss a book that touches somehow on the world of cannabis. In the next month, the group is discussing two books: Breaking the Grass Ceiling, a compilation of 21 biographies of women leaders of the cannabis industry/movement, and The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, which features “feel-good food for home cooks.” Until July 1, 2017, you can snag a membership to the Cannabis Literary Society for just $4.20 a month or $42 annually. After July 1, the price goes up to $42.00 monthly.

2.) Lit on Lit. We writers tend to be a lonely tribe. After all, our work requires focused attention and an absence of distraction. But sometimes we need an impetus to join with other writers and do something, you know, social. And in the case of Lit on Lit, which bills itself as a “420-friendly cannabis inspired writing class,” that impetus is cannabis. The event is affiliated with Suspect Press, and is the brainchild of Daniel Landes, the founder of WaterCourse and City, o’ City restaurants in Denver. Participants are welcome to bring their own cannabis.

3.) Puff, Pass, and Paint. Perhaps you’ve heard of those “canvas and cocktails” events where people gather to enjoy a guided painting class – and booze – together. Well, Puff, Pass, and Paint is doing that idea one better. Every Thursday and Saturday evening, Puff, Pass, and Paint (P3) holds a two-hour painting class and participants are given all the needed art supplies and encouraged to bring their own cannabis to enjoy during class. The group also offers Puff, Pass, and Pottery every Friday evening, and Puff, Pass, and Pincushion (needlepoint) on Sundays.

We’re so fortunate to live in a state that had the foresight to legalize cannabis. Register for one of these fun classes, then head to the nearest The Green Solution to stock up on provisions to enhance your creative pursuits. Check out TGS’s fine flower (may we suggest a lovely sativa?) or edibles to take to class. Or, for a no fuss no muss cannabis experience (you’ll be busy enough with your paintbrush), we recommend a handy NectarBee autodraw vape pen and Pure Oil Cartridge. Now, get out there and get creative with cannabis!