Cannabis Delivery Potentially Starting in 2018

In the same month states are fighting to keep state marijuana laws intact, a bill was introduced to the Colorado Senate last week that, if passed, would make it legal for dispensaries to deliver weed to residential homes.

While there are certainly regulations around Senate Bill 192, but the end game results in adults in Colorado over the age of 21 are allowed to order cannabis, or cannabis related products, for delivery right to their door.

Regulations include both the driver and the customer, and states the customer must be in a residential home (no dorms, or hotels – sorry!) and not visibly intoxicated, while the driver of the goods will need special certification and to keep the product in a locked box during transport. Customers are not allowed to purchase more than the daily limit (one ounce of recreational in a day, or two ounces of medical marijuana in a day). Drivers and dispensaries will also need to keep close track of everything going out and coming back.

If all goes as planned, medical marijuana delivery could start as soon as January 2, 2018, with recreational marijuana delivery coming one year later in January 2019.

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