Cannabis Friendly Summer Getaways (Pt. 2)

Bishop Castle

Summer’s almost here, and we know you’re ready to get out of town. In our continuing look at Colorado destinations, we thought we’d share a hidden gem right out of a fairy tale: Bishop Castle in the San Isabel National Forest southwest of Pueblo, Colorado.

This bizarre structure in the middle of the woods was constructed by one man – Jim Bishop – beginning in 1959 when he was 15. He bought the 2.5-acre parcel of land with money ($450) earned from part-time jobs and started building what was originally supposed to be a one room stone cottage. In the ensuing 58 years, he’s never really stopped building.

Bishop Castle is tucked away in the mountains, and its elevation is 9,000 feet above sea level. Today, the castle itself is 160 feet high (who knows, it could get taller!), and it features a metal dragon chimney that “breathes fire.” The castle is always open and always free, but be aware that this is a rugged destination with no indoor plumbing and some rather rickety walkways to traverse at your own risk. That being said, the views and the castle itself are spectacular, and it’s an extraordinary place to spend an afternoon.

Bishop Castle is technically located in the town of Rye, and it’s about two and a half hours south of Denver, making it a perfectly doable day trip. On the other hand, maybe you want to make a longer sojourn, perhaps stay overnight near the castle. Here are a few suggestions for cannabis friendly lodging nearby.

1. Kush Suites in Rye. This rustic 1,800 square foot home can be rented by the suite or in its entirety. As for house rules, the owners say, “Alcohol is allowed but we are not interested in a drunken situation. enjoy please, but stay in control …. and why not smoke a joint instead?”
2. Hippie Train Lodge in Walsenburg. This private home sleeps four and boasts a fully furnished kitchen, and the hosts offer “smoking kit rental” for $65.00.
3. Days Inn in Pueblo. If you’re looking to keep it simple and closer to Denver, check out this outpost of the popular chain (cannabis consumption inside smoking rooms only).

Whether you’re opting for a quick day trip or an overnight journey, we recommend stopping by The Green Solution on Alameda to stock up before you head south on I25 to Bishop’s Castle. Be safe, keep it legal, and enjoy!