Cannabis Use Up Among Cancer Patients

Cancer. It’s one of life’s scourges, and most everyone has been touched by it in one way or another. Since the widespread legalization of medical marijuana in the last two decades, more and more cancer patients are finding relief from cannabis.

A recent study focused on more than 900 cancer patients being treated at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance found that 24% of them were “active users,” meaning they’d used cannabis in the past year for cancer-related symptoms, and 21% had used it in the last month. Among those active users, 74% used cannabis at least once a week, 56% used it at least once a day, and 31% used it multiple times a day.

One eye-opening finding of the study: among those surveyed, 74% said they would like for their health care providers to offer them information on medical marijuana, however less than 15% actually received that information from their cancer teams. Because of the federal government’s prohibition of cannabis, doctors and nurses are often afraid to discuss it with their patients, thus depriving suffering people of an option that may improve the quality of their lives.

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