Cards Against Humanity Introduces “Weed Pack”

Have you played Cards Against Humanity (CAH)? The company’s website bills CAH as “a party game for horrible people,” and if you’ve played the snarky card game, you know why. Now there’s another reason to love the game and the people behind it – they’re joining the fight to repeal cannabis prohibition.

The Chicago-based company is focusing its efforts on its home state and has teamed up with the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) in an effort to legalize cannabis in Illinois. CAH’s head writer, Jo Feldman, said in a press release last week, “We’re proud to support the Marijuana Policy Project because our current marijuana laws are failing. Nationally there are more arrests for marijuana possession each year than for all violent crimes combined. The MPP has been at the forefront of changing marijuana laws for the better, in Illinois and nationwide.” Feldman added, “Also, I could really go for a bean chalupa.”

To raise money for the MPP, Cards Against Humanity is selling a “Weed Pack,” which is a special expansion set of 30 cannabis-themed cards. The pack comes in a green package much like those found in dispensaries and features a warning label that says, “This product does not contain any actual marijuana. We smoked it all.” So far, the company has donated over $70,000 from the proceeds of the weed pack to the MPP – and that was just from two weeks of sales of the $5 pack.

“The team behind Cards Against Humanity is doing a great service helping us fight what really is a crime against humanity: marijuana prohibition,” said Chris Lindsey, senior legislative counsel for the MPP. “The Weed Pack is a hilarious approach to the topic but doesn’t overlook the fundamental injustice in arresting adults for using something that is safer than alcohol.”

CAH co-creator Max Temkin said, “For us, this is a common sense issue of racial justice, health justice and criminal justice. State and national politics are incredibly screwed up right now, but it gives us hope to think that we can make progress on these kind of common sense issues that everyone supports.”

You can buy the Weed Pack at