Caviar by NectarBee

Shattering the Competition

By Jesse Grove


There are few things in this world that I enjoy more than a plump luscious nugget of cannabis, perfectly dissected and ritualistically packed into a clean glass smoking implement. I’ll also shamelessly admit that I do have a certain penchant for the finest and most delectable marijuana products in Colorado, like The Green Solution’s® Pure Caviar (or Moon Rocks depending on who you ask). One of the few things that can rival my love for cannabis is my love of craft beers and any type of unique culinary delight. I never forget the moment that I encounter these taste sensations. One such unforgettable moment was the first time I tried an American-style snake bite. the smooth and rich stout on top mixing with the tart and sweet notes of the tangy apple cider below melded together in my mouth to make an ambrosial delight that left me feeling just keen. Snake bites became an instant hit and my go-to pub order. A few weeks later when I was ordering my new favorite at a bar, I was practically appalled when I was presented with a moon-rocks-4snake bite that was half cider and half lager. The waitress explained to me that what I had been drinking was not, in fact, a traditional snake bite, but instead was a bastardized version of the European classic, which traditionally consists of lager and cider. Mind officially blown, I downed the drink and came out with a better understanding that just because I may know something by one name doesn’t mean that it’s a fact. After all, across the U.S. depending on where you go, you might order a soda, a cola, a pop, or a soft drink and get some odd stares simply because it’s not the colloquial term in that region.

What are Moon Rocks?

I wasn’t the least bit surprised to find that this mismatching of terminology is also prevalent in the cannabis world as well. While it’s become common knowledge that the naming of strains is pretty much a crap-shoot, some of the really disparate definitions come to play in the realm of concentrates. Is it Pie Crust or Flake? Budder or Ear Wax? Caviar or Moon Rocks? While some of these answers may already be cut and dry in your mind, I promise you that depending on where you’re at, the distinction between the aforementioned products can be pretty drastic. In order to shed some light on one of the most popular new infused cannabis products, Moon Rocks, I was given a sample from The Green Solution® as a stepping stone, (or rock in this case) to start my quest to find out the truth about Marijuana Caviar and Moon Rocks.

I picked up my nugget of Nectar Bee™ Pure Caviar from The Green Solution®. If you’ve been looking for a source that stocks the finest marijuana concentrates in Colorado, then you need to check out one of The Green Solution’s® 11 different locations across Colorado. The Green Solution® has everything from late night marijuana in Edgewater and Aurora to dispensaries only a few minutes away from Denver International Airport (DIA) in Denver. The Green Solution® is your source for marijuana concentrates, edibles, flowers and more!

What is Marijuana Caviar?

To start off this adventure into the world of crazy cannabis inventions I’ll start with a brief description of what Marijuana Caviar is. Caviar begins with the tried and true starting point for all good marijuana products, with sweet, sticky flower. The next step involves coating said flower in a healthy portion of hash oil (the traditional choice), melted wax, melted rosin, or pretty much any marijuana concentrate that you can coax into a liquid form. After a nice coating has been added to the outside of the nugget, it is then rolled in kief (again the traditional choice), Pie Crust, crumbled wax, hash, or any marijuana concentrate that is crumbly, dry, and easy to sprinkle onto the outside of a nugget. The end result is a sticky little nodule of double dipped marijuana concentrate goodness, with a solid core of good moon-rocks-1ol’ fashioned bud. Caviar is considered by many to be the pinnacle, the ultimate evolution, in the world of cannabis products. In the case of my sample of Nectar Bee™ Pure Caviar from The Green Solution®, I find it very hard to disagree with that sentiment. So what the heck are Moon Rocks then? Again like so many things in this world, it depends on who you ask. If you decide to fall down the rabbit hole of research like myself, you’ll most likely come to the same conclusion shared by the majority of budtenders and smokers; Moon Rocks and Marijuana Caviar are one and the same. While some out there insist that Caviar can’t be considered Moon Rocks unless it’s made specifically with Girl Scout Cookies, this is not at all agreed upon by the great consensus of the internet. To be blunt (pun intended) the distinction of using a specific strain to make Caviar into Moon Rocks is laughable, considering there are no regulations on naming strains, and anyone can call any genetics Girl Scout Cookies if they want to. While I can’t blame anyone for nitpicking about the topic, let’s be honest with ourselves, the part that really counts is whether or not the intended goal is achieved. Whether you want to smoke Marijuana Caviar as a pain reliever, an anti-depressant, a sleep aid, or just to get good old fashioned high, the effects matter more than the name ever could. While I’ve had the fortune of sampling several different types of Moon Rocks and Caviar, I don’t know if anything could have truly prepared me for the nigh-transcendental experience of sampling Nectar Bee™ Pure Caviar from the Green Solution®.

Pure Caviar :: Appearance | Smell | Effect:

I sat for several minutes admiring the immaculate little stasis chamber holding a solitary, precious Moon Rock produced by Green Solution’s® very own Nectar Bee™ extractions. The little bugger was clinging to the inside of the glass container, kief and oil coating its outside, and making this remarkable marijuana treat a true sight to behold. The extremely sharp looking Nectar Bee™ packaging told me the glass container holding my prize was reusable, recyclable, and resistant to high heat (that means it’s ready for dabbing straight from the jar with a nectar collector). Unable to wait any longer, I extradited my little nugget from its prison and carefully removed it in an attempt to keep my fingers from permanently adhering to one another. moon-rocks-2The first thing you’ll notice if you ever have the fortune of smoking some Nectar Bee™ Pure Caviar is that the nugget is extremely heavy for its size. This is thanks in part to the robust coating of oil and kief, which inevitably add a little bulk and a lot of kick to what would normally be a standard nugget. I’ll emphasize this one more time, make sure you have some way to clean your hands after breaking up a nugget of Moon Rocks because your fingers will most definitely reach an all-you-can-eat wings level of sticky. As a consummate cannabis connoisseur, a visual inspection and rudimentary pull-and-peal style of breaking up my nugget would never do; it was time to pull out the jewelers saw and disseminate the unsuspecting Caviar. Just as expected, I sliced my Moon Rock down the center and after splitting the two segments, it was clear why Marijuana Caviar has been given the alias Moon Rocks. The little chunks reminded me of a geode I once had cracked open for me when I was a child up in Estes Park. The outside coating was a mat tan from the combination of the kief and oil, and the center was a light pale green, glistening with crystally trichomes. I felt just as giddy as did when I was a child waiting for my geode, except this particular rock, wasn’t a stone; it was going to get me stoned though. There was only one logical fate that awaited my Caviar; that fate was further evisceration and eventual cruel immolation at the mercy of my hemp wick and Denver Broncos Pipe. If you’re smoking Moon Rocks or Marijuana Caviar simply for the high, then you’re doing yourself a grave injustice. The flavors, smells and smoking experience are all part of the process and shouldn’t be ignored. The sumptuously sweet odors of the marijuana oil blended with the extra potent skunk aroma from the kief. This all comes together to make Moon Rocks the olfactory experience of a lifetime. The flavors are out of this world (I would say at least as far out as the moon). I took a delightfully large rip from my pipe, and slowly exhaled as the THC-laden treat made its way to my head double-time. Be warned, Marijuana Caviar can pack quite the punch, so don’t overdo moon-rocks-3it on your first bowl (something I’m frequently a culprit of). I was instantly out-of-body, set afloat on my couch, stranded for an undefined amount of time. Online movies were my only tie to reality, as I sat back and became one with the fabric and the springs.

Overall ::

If you’re in need of a product with a whole lot of oomph, then you’ve found it in Moon Rock and Marijuana Caviar. While I can say I’ve had my share of Moon Rocks in the past, the Caviar produced by The Green Solution’s® Nectar Bee™ line, are the most potent and the most intact I’ve ever had the fortune of sampling. While I wouldn’t recommend Nectar Bee™ Pure Caviar for beginners, they can be the perfect solution for someone who has built up a tolerance and is looking for a product that can provide them with the medicinal or recreational benefits that they’ve been looking for. Hopefully, you’ve come away from all of this with a better understanding of what makes Marijuana Caviar or Moon Rocks tick. Just remember regardless of whether you call them Moon Rocks, Caviar, or after work Friday night, enjoy your marijuana-infused products responsibly, and always start out small before working your way up to the big bowls. Now you have the knowledge and therefore the power, so get out there and snag yourself some Nectar Bee™ Pure Caviar, and get ready for a stellar experience.


By Jesse Grove