Celebration Cone Sweepstakes!

We’re deep into the summer of 2017, and that deserves a Celebration Cone. “What’s a Celebration Cone,” you ask? Well, my friend, let me tell you.

Imagine 12.5 grams of The Green Solution’s® fine flower packed into one beautiful 13-inch Pre-Roll. Available in indica, sativa, or a hybrid blend, this beauty is just what you need to get your celebration off to a great start.

As you know, at TGS we love to celebrate with you. That’s why we’ve come up with a doozy of a sweepstakes. “I love celebrations and sweepstakes!” you say. Of course you do. You’re a smart and fun person, how could you not? So here’s the deal. Throughout the summer, we’re offering 98 lucky Loyalty Card members the opportunity to purchase a Celebration Cone for $1. Not $100. Not $10. One measly buck. I bet you can scrape that together from change in your car’s cup holder.

You don’t have to do anything fancy to win your chance at a $1 Celebration Cone. In fact, if you already have a TGS Loyalty Card you’re already registered. Just remember to check the email with which you registered for a notification – heck, you may have already won!

“But I don’t have a Loyalty Card,” you may say, all bummed out and sad. Hey, that’s no problem! Signing up for a Loyalty Card with us is simple and painless. And it comes with all kinds of fun perks like being entered into our Celebration Cone Sweepstakes.

Come celebrate your summer with The Green Solution. You’ll be glad you did.