Citrus Pine Spice Sugar Scrub by NectarBee

rejuvenating-sugar-scrubAs a leader in the industry we pride ourselves on having the most extensive topicals lineup to provide our customers with as many healing alternative options as possible. With the addition of the Citrus Pine Spice Rejuvenating Sugar Scrub, patrons can take full advantage of its healing effects combined with a refreshing scent.

Perfect for daily use. Apply to sore muscles or areas of consistent discomfort. Creates a feeling of soothing, full body comfort without any psychoactive effects. The sugar crystals break down as you rub it in to the applied area and exfoliate the skin to provide a refreshing and smooth feel. Works deep down into muscle tissue to provide hours of relief. Contains 250mg THC and 50mg CBD, providing a perfect 5:1 ratio of cannabinoids. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with mouth and eyes.

This product is the ideal choice for those looking for a full bodied relief from pain and ailments, using specific blends of cannabinoids. Engineering to provide the same therapeutic relief, without any of the potential psychoactive effects. This new mode of consumption helps change the perception of cannabis as the accessibility, safety and efficacy of these products invite non-traditional cannabis consumers. Most popularly chosen for localized pain relief, muscle soreness, tension and inflammation. The perfect way to wind down from a heavy workout, hike or long day. Extra strength is available for ailments requiring a higher dosage for relief.

You can’t forget that this topical also took SECOND place in the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup. Available at any TGS nearest you.