Colorado pot club measure clears 1st hurdle

Colorado is moving ahead with a first-in-the-nation attempt to allow marijuana clubs.

But the measure that passed a Republican state Senate committee Wednesday evening doesn’t go as far as some marijuana activists hoped.

The bill would allow on-site marijuana consumption at private clubs in willing jurisdictions. And those clubs may allow indoor pot smoking, despite health concerns about indoor smoking.

But the bill is far from allowing a statewide network of pot clubs. For one, it would allow any jurisdiction to ban them, same as they can currently prohibit retail pot sales.

Also, the bill does not permit pot clubs to serve alcohol nor food.

Since the pot-legalization measure passed in 2012, marijuana activists have complained that tourists and people who don’t want to use pot in front of their children need places to consume pot.

“We’re legal and we need a place for people to go. We need social clubs,” said Ashley Weber of Colorado NORML, a marijuana-legalization advocacy group.

Smoking pot is banned on sidewalks, in parks as well as most Colorado hotels and car-rental companies.

Colorado law currently neither bans nor permits pot clubs. The result is a patchwork of local regulations regarding pot clubs.

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