Congress Keeping Colorado Marijuana Laws Safe

Congress Keeping Colorado Marijuana Laws Safe Sometimes, we can all get along.

A bill introduced by a California congressman, has recently been adopted by Colorado but is still very early in the process as it was just introduced in February 2017. Two Colorado congressmen, Democrat Jared Polis and Republican Mike Coffman, are both supporting the H.R. 975, known as the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act, in a bipartisan partnership along with 12 other members of the House.

The Respect State Marijuana Laws act ultimately protects the United States people from getting in trouble under the Controlled Substances act, as long as they’re following their own state laws on marijuana use.

This bill comes in the wake of the White House, and the King of the United States mentioning forthcoming issues with state laws on recreational marijuana. First H.R. 975 will need to pass the committee in the House of Representatives, and if advanced will then go to the Senate.

Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman (R) claims, “I just think it’s very important that this legislation pass and sends a message to the president that Colorado has a right to make its own decisions regarding marijuana and this is something that I as a member of congress will protect.”

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