Consuming Cannabis When You Can’t (or Don’t Want To) Smoke

“I support marijuana legalization, but I wish pot smokers would stop stinking up the sidewalks.” Thus begins an op-ed published last week in Bloomberg View. The article is called “Marijuana Smokers Should be More Considerate,” and the author (Virginia Postrel) argues that in cities where cannabis is legal, folks are toking up on the street.

“I’m not alone,” she writes. “In places where using marijuana no longer carries the threat of a jail sentence, the pungent odor of ganja is increasingly infiltrating daily life — and annoying nonsmokers. ‘It used to be kind of neat smelling pot occasionally on a weekend, but now Toronto smells like weed all the time,’ complains writer Liza Herz, who says she supports legalization.”

Postrel spoke to several advocates of cannabis legalization who feel the same way. So what’s a cannabis consumer to do?

Well, first, be considerate. Perhaps, like me, you’re a big fan of cannabis but find cigarette smoke abhorrent. While I find walking through a cloud of cannabis smoke on the street rather pleasant, I’ll cross the street to avoid a klatch of cigarette smokers. So I get it. Smoke of any kind is invasive and can be quite obnoxious. Be polite and remember that legal cannabis is a new frontier. People are still getting used to the idea, and making them smell something they find offensive is not the way to win hearts and minds.

Luckily, cannabis products have come a long way since the days when we’d dump a dime bag in some brownie mix and call it an edible. These days, there are a plethora of safe and measured ways to consume cannabis that don’t involve combustion (and therefore don’t produce smoke).

Here are a just a few of the options The Green Solution® offers for smokeless cannabis consumption:

  • Vaporizing (vaping) is the method of inhaling vapor produced from electronically heating the material (in this case, cannabis or cannabis oil) enclosed in a device (generally a type of pen). This is actually my favorite way to consume cannabis, and NectarBee’s®Pure Oil Cartridge paired with their Autodraw Vape Pen is my go-to device.
  • Edibles are simply that: an edible form of cannabis or cannabis oil. These are usually in the form of candies or other sweet treats. NectarBee makes brownies, gummies, and truffles (and lots of other delicacies) infused with oil extracted from The Green Solution’s award-winning flower.
  • Tinctures are flavorless alcohol-based cannabis extracts that come in little bottles and are consumed either sublingually (place a few drops under your tongue) or can be added to a beverage for a little pick-me-up. NectarBee makes both plain and flavored versions. I like the Honey variety in a cup of tea.
  • Drinks are pretty simple. They’re sodas infused with 10 mg of cannabis (or CBD oil). NectarBee makes five delicious and refreshing varieties: Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Cherry Cola, Tropical Lime, and CBD Ginger Ale. Get them all summer long for 15% off the normal price.

Now you have some ideas for how to consume cannabis without annoying the people around you. Come into any TGS to experience cannabis without smoke.