Daily Care Pack: Perfect Skin, Perfect Price

Have you finished your shopping for the holidays? Got something for everyone on your list? Of course you don’t. But we’re not here to shame you, friend. We’re here to help! We told you a few weeks ago about our Holiday Gift Guide, but we get it. That was a few weeks ago and you weren’t feeling quite as holiday-frantic then as you are now. Take a deep breath. Relax. You’ve got this.

Now, let’s talk about NectarBee® topicals. We’re not saying you can give them to everyone on your list, but if you really think about it, you can give them to everyone on your list. Who do you know who doesn’t need skin high-dration? Winter is tough on skin, especially in climates like Colorado’s. And climate doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re buying for a man or a woman, believe us when we tell you they need help keeping their skin from getting cracked and dry. Save their skin and be their hero!

NectarBee topicals are available in four varieties (Bath Fizzies, Sugar Scrub, Lotion, and Massage Oil) and each of those varieties is available in two scents – Rejuve (invigorating and citrusy) and Soothe (relaxing and lavender-based). All eight products are specially formulated from the finest botanicals blended with THC and CBD to provide the ultimate in skin benefits. Some patrons have even told us that NectarBee topicals provide relief from the itchy redness of eczema.

You’d expect products like this to be pretty pricey, right? They’re actually incredibly affordable – all under $20. But here’s the exciting part. You can get the Daily Care Pack, which includes Bath Fizzies, Lotion, Massage Oil, and Sugar Scrub in your choice of scents (mix and match!) in a handy NectarBee toiletry bag for just $49.95. That’s a savings of 25%! You can give the whole Daily Care Pack to one lucky person, split it up for stocking stuffers, or keep the entire thing for yourself as a reward for surviving the holidays.

Congratulations! You’re going to make somebody very happy with those NectarBee topicals!