Destination: Silver Plume

Have you been to The Green Solution’s® outlet store in Silver Plume? If you have, you know what an incredible place it is. Not only can you buy the same great products you’ve come to expect from us at drastically reduced prices, but you get to do it in the beautiful old mining town of Silver Plume. You can make the 47-mile drive from Denver and go right back home, but you can also easily make a whole weekend out of your trip. Here are some fun facts about Silver Plume, and some destinations to visit while you’re there.

• The town is a former silver mining camp and was founded in 1880. Much of the town’s architecture dates from the 19th and early 20th centuries. If you enjoy history, Silver Plume is a great place to visit.

• Silver Plume is tiny. It only covers .2 miles in size, and only about 200 people live there. During the peak of its boom in the late 19th century, it was home to more than 2,000 people.

• Legend has it that the name of the town was gleaned from a poem written by Louis Dupuy, newspaper editor and owner of the local Hotel de Paris. When he saw samples of the ore from the mine, he supposedly wrote a poem on the spot.

Knights today are miners bold,
Who delve in deep mines’ gloom,
To honor men who dig for gold,
For ladies whom their arms enfold,
We’ll name the town Silver Plume!

• Silver Plume is only two miles from the comparatively large town of Georgetown (population 1,034), which covers 1.10 miles. Together the two towns comprise the Georgetown-Silver Plume National Historic District and the Georgetown Loop Railroad and Mining Park. The Georgetown Loop train ride and mine tour is a great way to spend an afternoon.

• As for cannabis-friendly lodging in the Silver Plume/Georgetown area, a cursory search of the internet turned up “Rocky Mountain High,” described on the Bud and Breakfast site as a “private apartment for a 420 getaway.” The owner of the apartment writes, “I make one-of-a-kind pipes in my glassblowing studio underneath the deck, where you are welcome to observe or even take a lesson! I can provide an oil rig and torch if needed!” While we haven’t stayed there, it looks like a nice, clean place to relax and sleep on your Silver Plume sojourn.

Now you’re ready to go and enjoy yourself in a real Old West mining town – TGS style.