End of Summer Deals

There are officially 10 days left in summer, and that might have you feeling a little bummed out. As you pack away the pool toys, swimsuits, and flip-flops and bring out the parkas, fondue pots, and boots, we’d like to remind you that we’re still celebrating summer at The Green Solution. There’s still time to take advantage of our great summer deals, but hurry! Even TGS can’t make summer last all year.

Here are the top five deals you can still get in on this season:

  1. NectarBee Icicles: These delicious babies are available in cherry and grape flavors, and they simply scream summer. Each Icicle contains 10 mg of THC and they’re $2 each (regularly $2.45, that’s 18% off).
  2. NectarBee Drinks: Refreshing, cold, and perfect for warm, late summer nights, our sodas contain 10 mg of THC and are 15% off right now (regularly $5.95 and $7.95).
  3. TGS Specialty Cones: You’ll be the life of the party with a TGS Pre-Roll, and with any purchase, get 10% off one of our Select Specialty Pre-Rolls (Tulip, Trifecta, Palm Blunt, Super Cone).
  4. TGS $99 Bundle: Think of it as a combo plate. Get any glass piece that’s regularly $79.95, a NectarBeeTorch, a can of butane, and a gram of NectarBee Pure Wax for just $99 (Save 26% or $34.35).
  5. TGS Celebration Cone: Have you seen this thing? It’s a 13-inch Pre-Roll filled with 12.5 grams of our tasty flower offered for a new lower price of $74.95 (Originally $99.95, that’s a $25 or 25% Savings). And if you’re a Loyalty Card Holder, check your email – you may have already won the chance to buy a Celebration Cone for just $1.

There you have it, five ways that The Green Solution can help you pretend it’s still summer so you can hold on to your favorite season a little longer.