Episode 30 – TGS LIVE Stream

This week Larry and Wignz will be speaking with Cocoa Brown, who will be performing this weekend that the Denver Improv and Gigamesh who will be performing tonight (12/30) at Bar Standard. Click here for the tickets to see Gigamesh.

Cocoa Brown:

If you took a dab of Richard Pryor’s honesty, a teaspoon of Clair Huxtable’s educated fervor and a cup of Pearl Bailey’s girl next door sassiness, you’d get a dynamic dish known as CoCoa Brown. Not only a comedian but educated and well-rounded women with a Masters in Education that will make you laugh as you are getting ‘schooled” on a variety of topics!

Here is a taste of her skills.


Gigamesh is the stage name of Matt Masurka, an American multi-platinum selling music producer and DJ. His numerous remixes and two EPs have earned him a swiftly building reputation as one of the most versatile and consistent names in indie-dance music.