Espresso Tincture by NectarBee

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By Jessica Mooney


tincture-nb-espressoTea and Tinctures. Coffee and cannabis. OJ and MJ. Nectarbee has done it again! Like the rest of your cannabis experience, now we’ve revolutionized tinctures. Ever seen an espresso-flavored tincture anywhere else in your cannabis expeditions? We didn’t think so.


Wake-and-bakes will never be the same. Our berry- or honey-flavored tinctures make great additions to your hot tea. Our espresso-flavored tincture is perfect to drop into your coffee! Natural-flavored tinctures are the perfect addition to drinks, anything.


Customize your tincture flavors and potency with the included perfect-portion droppers for maximum dosage control with the packaged droppers. Each dropperful contains 2.7 mg so you can experiment with it your way. We recommend the single serving for a fast-acting, steady high over a few hours. Someone with a lower tolerance, or someone just beginning to enjoy cannabis might find a single dropperful beneficial, while someone with a higher tolerance may use several droppers for the same type of high. Ultimately, the consumer has the power to choose their level of high in a more controllable way than smoking may.


And don’t forget, infused tinctures have been known for decades to alleviate headaches, soothe sore muscles, and provide a steady, enjoyable high. Head over to your nearest TGS location today and pick up a tincture! Your taste buds will thank you.


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By Jessica Mooney