FDA Approves Gummy Amphetamine

The Federal government has just approved a candy-flavored amphetamine-based medication which will be marketed to kids with ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It will begin being sold in late 2016, despite the concern of those in healthcare community who worry that ‘candy flavored’ speed will lead to a substantial rise in abuse and overdoses.
Marijuana-Edibles1Coincidentally at the same time, lawmakers in Colorado introduced legislation intended to ban edible marijuana gummies that people, animals and children may find desirable.
Colorado marijuana dispensary, The Green Solution, follows all laws passed by state legislature in regards to legalized marijuana. The Green Solution takes pride in knowing that they can sell a marijuana product legally, which in some cases has medical benefits, without the risk of a patient or customer overdosing. While there may be some rules and regulations that TGS disagrees with, the marijuana dispensary understands that Colorado law makers are looking out for the safety of individuals.
However, at the Federal level, the laws are doing very little to prevent pharmaceutical companies, like Neos Therapeutics, from manufacturing candy-flavored versions of speed, a drug that has been proven to cause serious harm, including death.
By Jay Wig’nz