Five things to do in Denver after taking NectarBee edibles

Catch the Buzz

5. Go to 1up on Colfax

We know you love to game after eating a couple bite-sized, delicious NectarBee® treats, but do you want to venture farther than your own couch? 1up on Colfax is the place to go. There, you can grab and icy cold beverage and play (almost) any arcade game of your choosing for a quarter. Pinball? Guitar Hero? Frogger? This takes virtually no effort (pun intended). You might know that there are two locations, so why Colfax? This location sees less traffic than the downtown location, so you won’t feel overwhelmed, and you will most likely make friends with another local doing the exact same thing as you are.


4. Order a Van Kava at KavaSutra

Ever heard of it? Kava is VERY interesting. explains, “Kava is a magical root from the South Pacific. It has been used as a tradition for over 3,000 years. The relaxing effects that Kava offers are truly remarkable. When mixed with water, properly strained and sold at KavaSutra, the effect it will have on you must be experienced to be truly understood. KavaSutra uses the highest quality Kava from the beautiful island of Vanuatu.  Used for thousands of years in ceremony and now served in the islands as a relaxing social drink, Kava has made its way to the western world and is growing in popularity.”

Try the Van Kava, a traditional kava, in one shot. You will experience a warm feeling in your chest, which will quickly spread throughout your body and before you know it, you will be in one of the most euphoric states of your life. Throw an edible on top of that, and words cannot begin to describe what kind of fun you can have.

Trust me. Just try it.



3. Grab a Bacon Maple Bar Doughnut at Voodoo Doughnut

Does this even need an explanation? If you haven’t heard of this place yet, crawl out from under your rock and educate yourself. Voodoo Doughnuts is a super trendy doughnut shop on Colfax with some pretty legendary treats. The bakery originally started in Portland, Oregon – literally the only place that has more hipsters than Denver – and is known for its bizarre but delicious concoctions. There is Miami Vice-themed doughnut, a Voodoo doll doughnut, even a Maple Blazer Blunt doughnut to keep with the “green” theme. But let’s be real, the bacon maple bar doughnut is CLEARLY the best one on the menu. Did I mention the bacon? Because there’s bacon. REAL bacon lining the top of the soft, maple goodness. Give the other doughnuts some love while you’re there too, but let me remind you one more time. Maple + bacon + dough = a one way stop to flavor town (I love saying that).


2. Walk around The Denver Art Museum

Did you know that the art museum is free on the first Saturday of every month? You should go. Not ONLY are you experiencing culture from around the world, but you can go when it’s totally FREE. You can explore this oddly shaped building and see all the nooks and crannies that hide some of the best international art. Gaze at the incredible views of Downtown Denver down the road. There is so much to SEE. I must warn you though, it will be PACKED on the free days. So, depending on who you are when you have an edible, it might be worth it to cough up the cash so you can see all of this amazing art with some privacy.


1. Wing Wednesday at Pub on Penn in Cap Hill

For a whopping $6 every Wednesday, you can eat all the wings you want. Literally, as many as you can. It’s amazing. It can get a little packed during this special, but you can meet some new friends by sharing a table. The environment is great; small, unique and best of all, laid back. Everyone inside is always laughing and telling jokes from their day while the pitchers are flowing. This is truly a stoner staple in Denver. My recommendation is to get the Gator Dust with a side of ranch and Asian sauce. Oh yeah, and PBR. You can’t forget the PBR.