Flower vs Concentrates | The Green Solution Studio

Usually when people start a post like this, they say, “The age old debut” or “A tale as old as time”. But, when it comes to smoking flower vs. concentrates, you can jump back to the 1960s when solvent based hash was first being produced on a meaningful level. Everyone has been smoking flower from the beginning of time – at least that’s what I can remember. But concentrates are probably the most fascinating part of the manufacturing aspect in the industry. Did you know that you can dab oil that is basically clear? What is even going on?

OK, let’s start with flower. Flower is easy. It’s weed. Everyone knows weed. You smoke it. Cool. Just kidding, that is why we are here! So, we started out with shwag. Ew, Shwag is the worst, and technically, it doesn’t get the job done at all. All shwag does is give you a headache, makes you REALLY hungry, and dries out your eyes to the point where you can’t even keep them open. Oh yeah, you get super sleepy. I have no idea how people smoked brick weed back in the 70s. Gross. But, in the year 2016 we have these things called dispensaries and better weed.

With that being said, we introduce to you – The Green Solution. Their flower selection, on a day to day basis, blows any other dispensary out of the water. On any given day, there are AT LEAST nine different strains to pick from on their bud wall. Which leads us to another good point – flower selection. If you had a long day, you can smoke a joint of Bubba Kush and practically forget about everything so you get on with your night of relaxation. What if you had a slow day at work? Grab that joint of Sour Diesel so you can get that energy back to grab a happy hour drink with a friend. There has to be a middle ground though. Right?

Of course there is. Have you ever heard of Cindy White? This stuff, man. I’ll tell you what. Cindy White is a sativa dominant hybrid that features a zesty flavor and a clear, creative, motivating high. But it’s not too racy because there is the perfect blend of indica that keeps you grounded and focused. This strain even received 1st place People’s Choice in the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup in Colorado. What else must I say? But, once you start smoking too much flower, your budget may suffer greatly and your tolerance will begin to build to a point where you will need much more than a bowl to get you stoned.

This is such a hassle sometimes. Who has been there? You grab an eighth from The Green Solution, and you end up smoking the whole damn thing in a day, right? And honestly, who wants to ration their weed? Next thing you know, your imagination is screaming in the voice of the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket, “You are only allowed to smoke three and ¾ bowls a week!” That’s a scary thought. Then, you run out of weed, and that’s REALLY scary.

But, concentrates are different. A tiny bit can take you a long way. Unlike flower, one dab can mimic the effects of smoking a whole joint. This may sound a little intimating, but when you take a dab you are:

  • Smoking less carcinogens
  • Smoking a lot less in general to feel the desired effects
  • Getting a better taste for the terpenes in that strain

When I started smoking concentrates, I used a honey straw. It’s like taking sips instead of dabs. That’s a wonderful place to start exploring concentrates. A honey straw doesn’t take up any space on your coffee table, and you can pack in up to put it away in five minutes or less. Did you know that The Green Solutions sells dab kits for $100 or less? It makes smoking concentrates for the first time much easier. Also, when you ask a Sales Associate about the dab kits, they will give you the run down about EVERYTHING. They will not let you leave without giving you all the information you need to start dabbing.

Do you like variety? You can try shatter, wax, live batter, ice wax or pie crust. For the first time user, I would recommend grabbing NectarBee Pure Wax. It is very malleable, it delivers a smooth hit each time, and it’s not that potent. You want to ease into concentrates. The overwhelming effects of shatter and pie crust due to the potency can be a little much at times.

As for the daily user, we know shatter is the one for you. Have you ever tried NectarBee Pure Shatter? They know you count on clarity in your concentrates, that’s why they have a controlled process for a better product. They produce the widest assortment of indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD concentrates, unlike any other brand in the industry. So they have a product for everyone.

Maybe you just want a concentrate that you can throw on top of your bowl NectarBee has you covered. Grab some Natural Hash and add about 30% – 45% to your flower’s potency. Not only will it add potency, but the flavor will knock you off your feet.

So, go to The Green Solution and ask your Sales Associate about how you can start using concentrates today. You will want to thank us later after your first mouthwatering, flavorful dab.