Get that special someone tulips for Valentine’s Day.

This isn’t your conventional tulip from the garden. A massive 2.5 gram bulb rolled with award winning TGS quality flower attached is an elongated straw reducing heat drawn so you get the smoothest hit every time. When the Tulip reaches you in rotation, make sure to hit it fast and pass it quick to ensure best use of this specialty cone.

Each cone is hand-rolled and will always stay perfect in it’s box before you gift it to that special someone.

Also, here is a little fun fact. Did you know that the paper leaf acts as an ash catcher? So, when you are smoking it with one of your friends, you won’t have to waste time and ash it. Just let the ash fall into the paper leaf and enjoy. Are you a frequent online TGS shopper? Us “TULIP” at checkout and purchase this fine pre-rolled joint for just $15!