Gov. Hickenlooper gets real about problems with marijuana in Colorado

Want to know what Governor Hickenlooper hates the most about legal pot in Colorado? Just eavesdrop on him like we did on Tuesday afternoon.

He’s in California, testifying in front of the state Senate. California has to figure out how to rollout retail weed in 2018, and the Governor told them not to be stupid.

“We had such a looseness in home grows, and so we had medical marijuana originally, and people could have six plants per patient, up to 99 plants. And it’s crazy. Well, it’s a stupid system, and I would encourage you guys to clamp down because it makes it very hard — what you end up with is what we call the ‘Grey Market,’ so those folks are legally growing, they don’t need a license, they don’t have to fill out forms, we don’t check on their credentials or their criminal history. 99 plants, that’s a lot of marijuana.”

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