Grand Reopening of The Green Solution® in Northglenn

Contributed by: Carlos Herbert Hernandez

You know it. You love it. It’s the one that started it all.

We just gave our flagship store at Malley an extreme makeover, and we want you, our loyal connoisseur-base, to be the first to enjoy The Green Solution’s® new, improved cannabis experience. From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. May 24th, join Kushtopher Blazin’ and the Larry Ulibarri crew to make history as we embark on a re-branding journey centered around you!

For seven years, we’ve worked hard to provide patients and connoisseurs the best cannabis experience in not just Colorado, but the entire industry. It’s more than an industry, it’s a movement, and we’re kicking off its next phase by adding new locations for your convenience and invigorating our trademark dispensaries around Colorado. So naturally, we’re starting with our oldest fans in Northglenn.

As usual, we’ve got plenty of party favors for you including free food, giveaways, and as always, a chance to spin our prize wheel for gift cards, sweet merch, and all kinds of other schwag.

And since no TGS Green Ribbon Cutting is complete without Larry Ulibarri and his crew, we’ve given him the giant scissors so he could do the honors. And Larry’s returning the favor by giving you a chance to win a Meet & Green with the crew on a My 420 Tour. Just enter via email or by tagging any of these social network posts.

So, mark your calendars and wear your favorite TGS schwag for what’s sure to be the best block party in the North Denver Area.