Happy 7/10!

Monday is July 10th (7/10), so today is a good day to talk about concentrates and dabbing. Maybe you’re asking, “what does the date have to do with concentrates?” or maybe you’re even asking, “what the heck is a concentrate?” Never fear, we’re here with some answers to your pressing questions, and to get you in the mood to celebrate the newest addition to the cannabis calendar.

Why 7/10?
Take “710,” turn it upside down and backwards, and that spells “OIL.” That’s why 7/10 is the day to celebrate dabbing and oils – and concentrates in general.

What are concentrates?
Cannabis concentrates are any cannabis products procured through an extraction process. Solvents are used to strip compounds from the plant, leaving behind a product packed with cannabinoids. Concentrates are thus “concentrated” cannabis, and test much higher for THC content than flower does.
Concentrates are usually consumed with the aid of specialized “rigs.” One hit of concentrate is called a “dab.”

What types of concentrates are available at The Green Solution®?
As a leader in the industry, we offer the best concentrates available. Whether you’re looking for trichomes, hash, wax, shatter, or any other kind of concentrate, you’ll find it at TGS!

What kinds of deals is TGS offering for 7/10?
We’re glad you asked. From 7/10 – 7/12, get 15% off any purchase of bulk (7 grams) of concentrate. Also, if you’re just looking to get started with concentrates, we’re offering a spectacular bundle. Get any $79.95 glass rig, a NectarBee®  torch, butane, and a sampler of NectarBee Pure Wax for just $99. That’s a savings of 26%, or $34.35. What a steal!

Now that you know the basics, you’re ready to visit The Green Solution and get started dabbing. Happy 7/10!