Hillary Clinton blows chance to win over millennials with slow evolution on pot.

Like gay marriage, climate change and a host of other issues before it, Hillary Clinton’s painfully slow evolution on marijuana legalization has again left the Democratic presidential nominee behind the curve in her own party — and her position represents a squandered opportunity to potentially win over millennials.

Polls have shown that about two-thirds of Democratic voters support legalizing pot, and the party, largely due to Sen. Bernard Sanders bringing the issue to prominence in his White House bid, called for a pathway to legalization in its platform last summer.

But Mrs. Clinton, her party’s standard-bearer in this presidential race, remains miles behind. While she supports rescheduling marijuana to facilitate more research on the drug’s medical benefits, the former first lady hasn’t embraced legalization. She has vowed, however, to take a hands-off approach to states such as Colorado and Washington that have fully legalized pot. tgsblog-banner-nb-1024x256

For the traditionally moderate Mrs. Clinton, the middle-of-the-road position may not be a surprising one. But for the new, supposedly more progressive Mrs. Clinton, marijuana is yet another example of her failure to take a stand at the cutting edge of a liberal issue.

What’s more, she’s ignored clear political benefits that could follow such a stand.

Mrs. Clinton has struggled to generate enthusiasm among the progressive millennial crowd that lined up behind Mr. Sanders in the party primary, and a recent Pew Research Center poll shows that nearly 80 percent of millennial Democrats — and even two-thirds of millennial Republicans — support marijuana legalization.

Source: Washington Times