Honey Tincture by NectarBee®

Catch the Buzz

tincture-nb-honeySimilar fast-acting relief and dosage control to smoking without the effects of combustion and inhalation. NectarBee tinctures contain all the essential cannabinoids from the plant, extracted using an emulsion of ethanol hash oil. The best way to consume effectively is sublingually or under the tongue. Tinctures are designed to peak rapidly, drifting into a steady high that lasts over time. This honey flavored tincture will help with relieving everything from headaches to sore muscles to cramps. Add a drop or two into your tea or beverage and enjoy. Each bottle contains 100mg THC total or 37 – 2.7mg per full dropper.


This product is an ideal choice for Individuals that want a discreet cannabis option that is great for any occasion. Odorless packaging and a fast acting formula are some of the many features of the tincture line. Consumers have the opportunity to ingest infused cannabinoids in a way that is both super effective and enjoyable. Novice users and seasoned patrons can all agree on the ease of use and positive affects produced.