In-depth: Marijuana equity in the “Green Rush”

The legalization of recreational marijuana in California is setting the stage for the birth of a new industry.

It is an economic influx that could be a big boost for the City of Oakland, which for years has been seen as the Bay Area’s nexus of pot-based business.

But now, there are fears that the city has been falling behind as it tackles how to make sure communities of color don’t get left behind during the green rush.

“We have to consider all of our options,” Brandy Petricka said. “We don’t want to move. It’s not easily to uproot. It’s not like a threat or anything”

Dark Heart Nursery grows marijuana starter plants. They’ve been doing brisk business in East Oakland since 2007.

And they want to stay There but are worried they might not be able to.

“We don’t have a permit,” Petricka said. “We need a permit. It’s going to be vital to get the permit in California.”

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