Infographic: Here’s How Many Stoners Have Died in Horror Movies

If decades of horror movies have taught us one thing, it’s that certain demographics don’t typically make it to the end credits alive. But while we’re all aware that promiscuous teenagers, popular jocks, and practically any minority are often met with a grisly fate, the stoner also often finds him or herself at the pointy end of a machete.

How frequently does a cannabis enthusiast get got? To find out, I dug through four and a half decades’ worth of horror movies and found 25 examples where enjoying a joint toke or bong rip resulted in an abruptly shortened life span, proving that while in the real world we have yet to come across a marijuana-induced death, in the horror movie universe, cannabis really does kill.


Disclaimer: I’m both a movie buff and a horror movie enthusiast, but even I admit that my knowledge of stoner deaths in horror movies was somewhat limited to a couple of examples. To come up with this data, I combed through a list of horror movies that have been released from 1970 through 2016 and searched for plot references to cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, joint, stoner, and stoned. I primarily focused on mainstream movies, so I’m sure you’ll chime in with an obscure title that didn’t make the cut. Also, I disregarded any stoners who managed to survive throughout the entire movie (looking at you, Idle Hands), as well as any obvious spoofs (e.g., the Scary Movie franchise, Tommy Chong’s absurd Evil Bong film series). Is the resulting data 100% comprehensive? No, of course not (I did miss this gem of a scene from Freddy vs. Jason, alas). Should you enjoy it, anyway? Yes, absolutely.


Movies Featuring Stoner Deaths by Decade: 

  • 1970s: 1
  • 1980s: 10
  • 1990s: 1
  • 2000s: 10
  • 2010s: 3

The 1970s had a lone entry in stoner death canon, but it’s a classic: Halloween. Not only does it feature a stoner demise, but the stoner chick who does survive to the very end is Ms. Ultimate Final Girl herself, the main character Laurie (played, of course, by the iconic Jamie Lee Curtis). In the beginning of the film, she shares a joint with her friend Annie, and while Annie later gets her throat slit by Michael Myers, Laurie lives to puff another day.

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