Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

It seems like each year the holiday season gets simultaneously longer and shorter. While the Christmas displays at the mall begin to creep out of storage just as the Halloween gear gets stowed, the constant drumbeat that sets the hectic tone for the season has a steady warning: “Time’s running out. It’s the last minute. All the good stuff is gone.” It’s no wonder we’re all jangled nerves by year’s end. To further complicate the matter, life’s regular demands don’t slow down because it’s the holidays; we have all the regular business of life to attend to, plus holiday obligations. So, don’t beat yourself up if you’re not finished with your shopping yet. It’s ok. The Green Solution has you covered.

You know that The Green Solution has the finest cannabis products on the market. And we know that, try as we might, no one can live on cannabis alone. That’s why we offer a full panoply of products to enhance your lifestyle (and the lives of the lucky friends for whom you’re shopping).

Here are a few suggestions to finish off your shopping:

  • For your bookworm bud: Got a cannabis-loving pal who can’t keep their nose out of a book? Surprise them with the “authoritative historical record of cannabis and the conspiracy against marijuana,” The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer. This book thoroughly documents the petrochemical industry’s plot to outlaw hemp, a renewable source of paper, energy, food, textiles, and medicine. Contributors include Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson.
  • For your drinking bud: We all have that friend who’s a little obsessed with Colorado’s craft beer and whiskey scene. The Green Solution has pint glasses and shot glasses and flasks (oh my!), as well as bottle coolers and coasters to show your drinking bud that you know what they like, and you like them.
  • For your playful bud: Everybody knows someone who’s all about fun and games. We’ve got goodies for them, too! From footbags to weed card games to beer pong, we’ve got game(s).
  • For your techy bud: Got a gadget-mad amigo on your list? No problem! They’ll think of you every time they use their new TGS Cityscape Bluetooth Speaker or TGS Mini Selfie Stick.
  • For your best bud: You didn’t think we’d forget your four-legged favorite, did you? Whether you’re looking to toss the tennis ball around with Fido, take Fluffy for a walk, or help Spot look spiff, we’ve got the goods to help you spoil your furry friend.

You can even reserve your gifts online (just follow the links above) and stop in to pick them up – you’ll be on your way in minutes, without fighting the holiday crowds.

Whatever you celebrate (or don’t) The Green Solution would like to wish you a happy end to 2018, and an even better 2019!

Come see us at seven locations on Christmas day! Our Peoria, Grape, Colfax, Edgewater, Malley, Ft Collins and Pueblo locations will be open from 8:30 – 4:30!