Lucky Number 13: TGS Colfax Opening in April 2017!


In the 1970s, Playboy Magazine called Colfax Avenue the “longest, wickedest street in America.” Well, that may or may not be true today, but one thing’s certain: on April 17, The Green Solution will open its 13th location at 14301 E. Colfax Avenue in Aurora. Situated just east of I-225, this newly constructed building has us reflecting on the long history of this very long street.

The story of Colfax Avenue begins 159 years ago, when gold was discovered in the Rockies. Colfax was originally called “Golden Road” and then “Grand Avenue,” and it was the major artery connecting the brand-new city of Denver to the mountains. The thousands of wooly miners who were looking to make their fortunes in the hills were coming to Denver to have wild shenanigans in town (and we’re guessing TGS’s new Colfax location would’ve been a big hit with those guys and gals!).

When the great Beat writer, Jack Kerouac, was spending time in Denver in the late ‘40s, he “walked away to the dumb downtown streets of Denver, for the trolley at Colfax and Broadway, where the big Capitol building is, with its lit-up dome and swarded lawns,” as he wrote in his classic novel “On the Road.” And, given that Kerouac famously said in his last interview, “(Pot) should be legalized and taxed. Taxed. Yeah, ‘Gimme a pack of marijuana!’” it’s a pretty safe bet that he’d be one of The Green Solution’s best customers today.

So, you may ask, when and how did Colfax become known as a wicked street of iniquities? Well, there are a few answers to that question. The street had its not-so-innocent start as a destination for lonely miners to purchase, shall we say, “companionship” and “refreshment,” with their gold nuggets. Later, in 1925, Denver instituted the most liberal zoning laws in the city on Colfax Avenue, allowing a multitude of adult-themed businesses to open over the next several decades. Finally, with the arrival of Interstate 70 (which routes traffic around Colfax) in the 1960s, Colfax began its steady decline into a street with a very randy reputation.

But, just as it was for NYC’s Times Square and Las Vegas’s main Strip, the ‘90s and early 2000s were a time of revitalization for Colfax Avenue, and now the “Gateway to the Rockies” plays host to a wide variety of businesses along its 26.5 mile stretch. And in less than a month, TGS will join their ranks with its newest dispensary in Aurora.

At The Green Solution, we’re thrilled to be adding our history to that of Colfax. Beginning on April 17, 2017, you’ll be able to have the TGS cannabis experience on one of most historic streets in the U.S.A.

See you there!