Make Your Wedding Cannabis-Friendly

(Featured photo courtesy of Forever Incredible/Carla Stehman)

Summertime, and the living is easy…unless you’re planning a wedding. That can make living hard. But you can make it easier with a wedding planner to coordinate all the many moving pieces that make a wedding memorable. Better yet, how about a cannabis-friendly wedding planner? Now you’re talking.

Irie Weddings & Events was created to help couples incorporate cannabis into their weddings in “classy and tasteful ways.” I talked with Bec Koop, the co-founder of Irie, about her company and her experience with cannabis weddings.

Irie can offer as little or as much help as you need. You can get just a bouquet made with your favorite strain of bud, or you can get the whole shebang with the “OG Kush Package,” the full-service planning option.

“Got everything booked for your wedding, but need a bud bar?” Bec asks, “because we can do that for you.” She’s referring to Irie’s “Hosted Bud Bar,” which includes “lighters, cleaning materials, your selected smoking apparatuses, custom cannabis strain menu, a complimentary water station, and one budtender.”

Bec says that out-of-state couples account for about half of Irie’s business. “Colorado is a destination in itself,” Bec says. When you add cannabis to the equation, you have the makings of one incredible wedding. It makes sense that couples from other states would need someone here to do their footwork for them. What if a couple from, say, New Jersey, wants to have a cannabis wedding in Denver, but they want the bride’s grandma’s pot roast to be served at the reception? That’s not a problem, Bec says. Irie has a partnership with a catering company that will take Grandma’s recipe and recreate it for the couple’s guests.

Of course, there is occasional resistance on the part of guests (usually family members) to the idea of a cannabis wedding. She says that to alleviate that tension, “there are conversations you need to have with your family. We’ll coach you, if necessary.” Bec says Irie tries to “tastefully appeal to everyone.”

Bec describes a situation at one of her weddings where an older family member expressed disapproval of cannabis. After a brief conversation, Bec convinced the lady to try an infused topical (like NectarBee’s® Heal Muscle Balm) on her wrist, which had ached for years. “She came back in 30 minutes and asked where she could buy some,” Bec recalls. Education is imperative to a successful cannabis wedding.

But even if you’re not planning a wedding, you can avail yourself of Irie’s services. They’re happy to assist in planning any kind of cannabis party, be it a birthday party, launch party, or other kind of soiree.

In addition to planning other people’s events, Irie has branched out into hosting its own cannabis-friendly events. On October 17th, Irie is partnering with The Green Solution® to present “Boas, Blunts & Bloodshed,” a murder mystery dinner. For more information on this and other upcoming events that Irie will be hosting, check out their website.

TGS is proud to partner with Irie Weddings & Events to provide the cannabis products people want to include in their special events. Consider making us a part of your next celebration!