Marijuana and gender equity: Why cannabis industry is a magnet for women executives

Of all the industries that attract American women to their senior ranks, the marijuana business may not immediately spring to mind as a likely magnet.

But women fill 36 percent of executive positions in US companies that grow, test, sell, and market pot products in this ballooning, multi-billion-dollar industry. It spawned by the legalization of the plant for medical or recreational purposes in 26 states plus the District of Columbia (including recently passed ballot measures).

In some sectors of the marijuana business, the numbers appear to be more striking. According to a survey of 632 cannabis executives and professionals conducted by the Marijuana Business Daily in 2015, women are in leadership positions in 63 percent of labs that test cannabis potency and safety, and in nearly 50 percent of companies that make and sell cannabis-infused foods and other products.

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