Meat Puppets

Formed in 1980, the Meat Puppets were a punk band hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Originally consisting of Curt Kirkwood on guitar and vocals, his brother Cris Kirkwood on bass, and Derrick Bostrom on drums, the original members of The Meat Puppets met while attending Brophy Prep High School.

Despite their early sound and recordings being decidedly hardcore punk, the band soon starting drifting away from its punk roots and started developing its own unique sound, combining punk with elements of country and psychedelic rock. This shift to experimenting with country and western styles and developing distain for hardcore, resulted in the Meat Puppets developing a genre referred to as “cow punk,” a style other bands, such as The Violent Femmes, also embraced.

In the ‘90s, the Meat Puppets gained positive exposure when the Kirkwood brothers sat in as guest musicians on Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance. Following breakups in 1996 and 2002, the Meat Puppets reformed again in 2006. The band’s lineup changed over the years and now includes guitarist Elmo Kirkwood on guitar.

The Meat Puppets’ studio efforts include several albums, including Meat Puppets in 1982, Meat Puppets II in 1983, Too High to Die in 1984, Up On the Sun in 1985, Out My Way in 1986, Mirage in 1987, Forbidden Places in 1991, and Rat Farm in 2013.

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