Meet the TGS Family

Profile: Linde Watts

At The Green Solution ®, our success is based in big part on our product  — we offer the finest cannabis available, at a fair and competitive price. But a huge part of the TGS puzzle is our people. We believe that we have the best team in the industry, and we couldn’t be prouder of the people who make TGS great.

One of our MVPs, Linde Watts, will be heading up the team at our new Colfax store (opening April 17th!)  And we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce her. We think you’ll love her as much as we do.

The medical marijuana industry brought Linde and her family to Colorado from their native North Carolina seven and a half years ago, and she found a home at TGS right away. Beginning as the receptionist at our Malley store in 2010 (a job her mother has now held for over four years), her career with the company has been long and varied. “Back then,” Watts says, “we were a one door in and out shop with a total of eight  employees.” Since then, she’s worked with the company in several capacities, including General Manager at our Wadsworth and Santa Fe locations.

A lot of things have changed at The Green Solution since those days, but some things have stayed the same — like our innovative leadership. “The Speidell Brothers never cease to amaze me,” Watts says. “I will never forget when they rolled up in our first armored truck! So many other dispensaries try to model themselves after TGS, but it just doesn’t work. They can’t do what we’ve done.”

I asked Linde how she feels about the fast-approaching opening date of the Colfax store. “Slightly terrified but super excited,” was her candid answer. She went on to say, “I believe the team I’ve built is going to create a welcoming and professional environment. The store is going to be gorgeous.”

And since few people know TGS inventory like Linde, we wanted to know what her favorite product is. “I’m in love with the Potency Enhancer. Such a great bang for your buck. When you apply it to ground flower, it’s like you just bought private stock.” Great recommendation, Linde!

When she’s not working, Linde loves to garden (“I grow everything!”) and spend time with her family. She describes herself as “Team Mom,” and I can hear the smile in her voice when she mentions her kids (a 21-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter) and 8 -year-old Boxer mix, Scrappy (named after Scooby’s nephew, of course).

Thanks, Linde, for being a valued part of the TGS family.