Microdosing: The Cannabis Equivalent of Tiny Houses?

Think small. Simplify. Less is more. The trend to pare down is evident in lifestyle magazines and the tiny house craze, but is it applicable to cannabis?

Maybe you’ve heard of microdosing. but even if you haven’t, the meaning is pretty easy to glean. It simply refers to taking small (“micro”) amounts (“doses”) of marijuana at a time, and it’s a practice that’s sweeping the cannabis industry.

Here’s a quick overview of the trend to help you determine if microdosing is right for you.

  1. What is it? Microdosing refers to the consumption of very small amounts (we’re talking 5 milligrams or fewer) of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) throughout the day. Obtaining such a low dosage requires absolute precision in manufacturing, and that’s why NectarBee has invested in technology that ensures each edible contains exactly the number of milligrams listed on its package. You can trust that you’ll get consistently precise dosage with NectarBee, making our edibles the perfect choice for microdosing.

  According to the cannabis research company BDS Analytics, the trend of microdosing indicates consumers’ interest in more mindful use of cannabis.

 Linda Gilbert, the Managing Director of the Consumer Insights division for BDS Analytics, told the online publication Civilized that people who microdose are “not looking for inebriation. They’re looking to take the edge off of their anxiety or their pain.”

The effect people who microdose is typically seeking is commonly referred to as “sub-perceptual” or “sub-psychoactive.” They’re looking for relief, not to get high.

  1. Why would I do it? According to Dustin Sulak, a Maine-based osteopathic physician and advocate of microdosing, The goal is to use the dose that gives the most minimal noticeable effect,” Sulak said in an interview with Leafly. “You are not trying to get stoned, you are not trying to get total relief from symptoms – you are just trying to get a little something.”
  2. Who does it? According to Dr. Sulak, those seeking relief from depression, stress, anxiety, and pain are turning to the practice.

A report from BDS Analytics indicates that 18 percent of people who’ve ever tried cannabis have had unpleasant experiences resulting from consuming too much – they could have likely saved themselves that experience by microdosing.

A recent article in The New York Post explored the use of cannabis among Manhattan’s social elite – a set with whom microdosing is popular. The article quoted an anonymous Upper East Side mother who enjoys low-dose, THC-infused, chocolate-covered coffee beans. She compares microdosing to another, more traditionally accepted practice.

“It’s like what you’d get with a glass of wine,” she said. “Snow days are a popular time to take them. There is an ongoing joke: ‘Is this a one- or two-coffee-bean snow day?’ A lot of 40-year-old women don’t want to go out and make snowmen in the cold with their kids. But after a coffee bean or two, you love the snow. You love snowmen. You love sledding. You love it all so much, you’re posting pics online.”

  1. How do I do it? Sulak has published a short educational video to help you determine the proper dosage of THC you should use for microdosing. You basically want to start extremely low – between 2 and 5 mg is what many recommend. Once you’re ready to shop for product, The Green Solution has you covered – and you can trust that with us, you’ll be getting the precise dosage you’re looking for. Here are two options to consider, and your Retail Associate will be happy to help you decide what’s right for you.

NectarBee Tincture: Perfect for microdosing, each dropperful contains 2.7 mg of THC. The best way to consume this product is sublingually (under the tongue), but it’s also great to add to the beverage of your choice. Available in Honey or Berry flavor.

NectarBee Gummies: Each of our scrumptious gummies contains 10 mg of THC, making them too mighty to be taken in one bite if you’re looking to microdose. If you cut one into quarters, though, you’ll have the perfect little 2.5 mg nibble to help get you into the microdose zone. Available in Mimosa, Oranges & Cream, Passion Fruit, and Blueberry Acai.

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