National Lazy Day

Today I don’t feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don’t feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything
Nothing at all.
Remember that Bruno Mars tune, “The Lazy Song?” It came out a few years ago. I’m not sure exactly what year it was, and I can’t be bothered to look it up. But that’s okay, because tomorrow (August 10th) is National Lazy Day.’s page for tomorrow says:
“Today there will not be much information regarding this annually celebrated holiday as we do not feel like doing any research. Actually, we do not feel like doing anything at all. So we are in our hammocks with a couple of good books and glasses of lemonade and iced tea. Yes, it is National Lazy Day, and we choose to be lazy rather than tell you that this holiday is observed each year on August 10th. The creator and origin of National Lazy Day could not be found.”
We’re not too worried about the origins of the day, we just want you to have a good, relaxing time tomorrow. And we’re here to help. Just come to The Green Solution and we’ll help you stock up. Sound like too much trouble? Order ahead online and stop by our Express Window to pick up your goodies. You can even wear your PJs.
Top 5 Ways The Green Solution Can Help You Celebrate National Lazy Day:
1. Pre-Rolls. You’re too lazy to roll your own joints with fine TGS flower, and that’s no problem. We’ve got you covered with over a dozen varieties of Pre-Rolls for your predilection. (Note: Don’t be too lazy to check your e-mail. We’re giving away a Celebration Cone every day this summer to Loyalty Card Holders and notifying the winner by e-mail.)
2. Edibles. You’re gonna snack and consume cannabis anyway, so why not do both at once? Much less trouble that way, and more time to do absolutely nothing. Try an infused Cherry Icicle or delicious Key Lime Truffle.
3. Drinks. Like an edible, but you don’t even have to chew. A lazy person’s dream come true. Available in Tropical Lime, Cherry Cola, Root Beer, and Ginger Ale or CBD Ginger Ale.
4. Cozy Socks. Kick off your shoes and relax. That’s mandatory if you really wanna be lazy. But keep your tootsies warm with our fun socks.
5. Bath Fizzies. Available in Soothe (think: indica) and Rejuve (think: sativa) formulations, these babies will help you relax as you laze in a hot tub. They smell amazing and they will make you feel all dreamy.
Be sure to get all your supplies today, because tomorrow is your day to lounge.