natural-hashMost cannabis enthusiasts eventually get around to sampling extracts, also known as concentrates because of their high levels of THC and CBD. More potent than flower, this rapidly growing segment of the legal marijuana industry includes a wide variety of products. The Green Solution® is at the forefront of concentrate innovation, offering an extensive line of award-winning products through its brand, NectarBee®. Popular products include natural hash, pure shatter, pure wax, pure caviar, pure live batter, pure pie crust, natural kief, ultra-pure oil, and many more. All of these products guarantee consumers a bigger bang for their buck compared to traditional flower.

Many people develop a special fondness for concentrates. Inevitably, the next step for some of these folks is creating extracts at home—much like many people delve into cannabis cultivation at home. Unfortunately, while cultivation is a harmless practice, extraction can pose some risks and dangers—as well as legal repercussions. Creating concentrates with flammable and explosive solvents like butane can be downright dangerous for the inexperienced or careless cannabis fan.

To avoid any danger, one simple solution is creating natural hash, also known as “bubble hash.”. This hash doesn’t utilize solvents. Instead, water and ice serve an important role in removing THC-laden trichomes from flower and/or trim, which, in turn, forms the hash. Not only is natural hash harmless to make, it’s also less expensive. All that’s needed are adequate amounts of flower and/or trim, water and ice, a large wooden spoon or hand-held kitchen mixer, a bucket, and bubble bags. The most expensive component of making bubble hash besides the flower is the initial cost of purchasing bubble bags, which are reusable and vital to the hash-making process (you can find these bags at or Bubble bags consist of a series of durable nylon bags that range sequentially in micron size. The most typical set-up includes six or seven bags (25, 45, 73, 90, 120, 190, 220) and starts with the 25-micron size as the first bag in the bucket. The next six bags are placed within each other in sequence ending with the 220-micron bag—also considered the “work bag.” Although it is the smallest number, it is important to note that the 25-micron bag houses the largest openings within the mesh screen. That means the larger the number, the finer the mesh screen. Essentially, the bags filter trichomes out of the cold water so that each bag collects a sample of hash. The purity of hash in each bag varies, with the 73-120 micron bags collecting the purest.


The process is simple. The bags go inside an appropriate-sized bucket. The flower and trim (some people choose to freeze the flower) goes within the smallest, innermost bag, and liberal amounts of ice water (don’t skimp on the ice) are poured over the flower until the water level is close to the rim of the bucket. (Be careful not to overfill—water spilled is lost hash.) Then, by following the manufacturer’s instructions, hash is made rather quickly. Be sure to thoroughly stir the water and ice during the mixing stage so that the marijuana is properly incorporated into the mixture. Fully mixing the water and ice agitates the trichome heads from the flower and into the water for filtering. Soon, you will have various samples of sweet-tasting hash that “bubbles” when heat is applied (hence the name). The hash will require drying before use. A word to the wise: Finely chop and store the hash within contains with ventilated lids, because hash retains a lot of moisture and can mold even when it’s dry enough to use.