rosin-1Just like consumers of any other product type, cannabis consumers and producers are always striving for cleanest, most user-friendly method, with a purity resulting potency that takes us back to that first pleasant experience (because many people’s first-experience stories can be unpleasant). Natural rosin is arguably one of the best candidates for providing this caliber experience. Their rapidly innovating production process are multiplying in quality and yield, resulting in significant growth in population across the cannabis community. It’s considered by many to be one of the most flavorful and pure forms of concentrate.

A relatively simple idea, natural rosin is created from an extraction method that uses pressure and heat to create a solvent-free hash oil. Pressure and heat are used to press out the cannabinoid-rich resin and terpenes that the plant contains. Natural Rosin can even be produced using hash, which some enthusiasts prefer for its potential of producing full-melt rosin with over a 50% yield. The result is a solidified form of resin, the purest of which are described as full-melt for their rich consistency.
Enthusiasts brought this method to the cannabis community circa 2006 as a proper way to clean lesser grade hash. The name natural rosin comes from a method patented for what’s known as “violin rosin”, used to lubricate violin bows. Substituting cannabis for the original pine sap used for string instruments, this method is quickly becoming a favorite of cannabis users who like the solvent-free vaping experience.

larry_uncensored_logoMany consumers are even making their own rosin at home. Unlike solvent extracts, making rosin is no more dangerous than using a hair straightener, as more and more DIY producers are even using the device itself to produce their own rosin, quickly making it a household hash-making standard. Dispensaries and facilities with the necessary resources typically use an actual rosin press, while others may use a t-shirt or even a tortilla press.


Because of its convenience and time-saving production process, natural rosin is quickly permeating the medical and recreational cannabis establishments over some of the other concentrate options. Water hash and dry shift, in addition to their complexity and demands on time, require more materials to create. Some extraction processes can take up to a full week to complete a blast or purge. In less than 5 minutes, dispensaries and home growers are able to create full melt hash.
This post is part of your educational series on concentrates, the safer, more potent form of cannabis that deserves more representation than the cannabis community currently gives it.
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