NectarBee® Infused Soda Floats

Catch the Buzz

By Phil Samuelson


root-beerSodas are a tasty treat during any time of year, even when the temperatures start to dip in the fall. For a refreshing alternative to other forms of cannabis consumption, a Nectar Bee root beer, cherry cola, ginger ale, or tropical lime soda cam really hit the spot while cuddled up indoors on a chilly evening.

Here’s a fun twist I like to put on the Nectar Bee beverage experience: After stocking my fridge with Nectar Bee root beer and cherry soda, I pick up a gallon of high-quality vanilla ice cream at the market (Breyers® Natural Vanilla made with Rainforest Alliance Certified vanilla beans is my favorite). A delicious root beer or cherry soda float makes a perfect desert after dinner—or anytime you feel the urge. Merely filling the bottom of a large glass with a scoop of ice cream and topping it off with a Nectar Bee root beer or cherry soda is an ideal way to wind down after a busy day. If you want to dress up your float and get fancy, you can top it with whipped cream and/or a maraschino cherry to achieve the full desert effect.

I’ve been a fan of root beer floats for most of my life, but now I have a hard time deciding if I don’t actually prefer cherry soda floats. Both are a sure way to take me back to fond childhood memories—although Nectar Bee floats are definitely not for kids! Each Nectar Bee beverage is infused with 10 mg of THC, which is a great starting point for many adults. So, depending on your THC tolerance, you may just find yourself raiding the fridge and freezer again to make another late-night treat after a couple of hours.

Nectar Bee floats: They’re not just for summer anymore! Putting a fun twist on consuming Nectar Bee deserts and beverages makes the experience that much more enjoyable, so get creative and come up with something original!


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By Phil Samuelson