NectarBee® Bath Fizzies

Bathing. It’s a necessary part of living in a society, but it’s so much more. You know what I’m talking about. You could always just take a shower to get clean, but sometimes nothing short of a long soak in a hot tub will do. And while plain soap and water is perfectly acceptable, isn’t it more fun to add a little something to the bath to make it more luxurious? Well, my friend, you’re in luck. The Green Solution® has the most amazing bath fizzies you’ll ever encounter, and they come in two varieties – Soothe (think: indica) and Rejuve (think: sativa). Our effervescent bath fizzies combine one part THC with 4 parts CBD to provide a bath experience worthy of a Roman emperor.

Soaking in a tub with a couple of heavenly scented bath fizzies last night, I started thinking of all the crazy ways people throughout history have enhanced their bathing experiences. Here are some of my favorites.

  • The famed Egyptian beauty Cleopatra was known for bathing in a mixture of ass’s milk and honey daily to keep her skin soft and beautiful. It seemed to have worked, as she was virtually irresistible to powerful Roman men – she had children with Julius Caesar and a legendary love affair with Mark Antony.
  • Mary Queen of Scots allegedly bathed in sweet white wine, but the reason may surprise you. The wine was thought to rid the bather of parasites like lice.

  • The 19th century dandy Beau Brummell, who is credited with introducing the modern men’s suit and establishing it as fashion, bathed in the yolks of 100 eggs every day (and polished his boot with champagne, but that’s a different story).
  • The most gruesome bathing story comes from 17th century Hungary. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory? She’s known as the most prolific serial killer in history, and tortured and killed around 500 young women. Why was Elizabeth so killy, and what does she have to do with bathing? She drained her victims’ blood and bathed in it. Obsessively. She seems to have had the notion that the blood of young women would retain her own youth and beauty.

I’ll pass on the blood and eggs, but I’ll take a tub full of the TGS bath fizzies, please! The essential oils blended into the fizzies produce a divine aromatherapy experience like no other, and I find them delightful. I’m sure you will, too.