NectarBee® edibles packaging

Pioneering the industry.

With being an innovative leader in this industry comes great responsibility and pressure. We must be responsible when we are showing second movers the way into innovation, and we feel pressure to be continually moving into the future. It’s not about doing one great thing. It’s about doing great things all the time. NectarBee follows the same philosophy. Did you know that the packaging keeping all those edibles safe and tasty has quite the story behind it as well?


NectarBee is the pioneer of this style of edible packaging in the industry. Let’s start with the nitrogen packed pockets where all the delicious edibles fit into. That means that NectarBee edibles will stay fresher, longer. No matter what. When you pop it out of the cavity, it tastes homemade each time. NectarBee had to get a little creative to get around some compliance laws, but there is a viewing window on each package.


Individuals want to see what they are buying. It’s in our nature. With compliance laws in Colorado, you must use opaque material so you cannot see through it and thus not seeing the product inside. With NectarBee, you can pull the front label off and peak right in at those delectable treats. We didn’t even get to the best part either. Did you know that NectarBee is Green Certified? They managed to reduce their carbon footprint by 82% with this new and innovative packaging.


I bet you didn’t think that there was a story behind something just as simple as edible packaging. That’s the TGS difference. Make sure to stop by any TGS location near you and try one of our many NectarBee edibles. Simply delicious.