NectarBee® Massage Oil

The exact origins of massage are lost to history (one can imagine cavepeople rubbing each other’s sore muscles after a long day of mammoth hunting), but archaeological evidence suggests that it was in common practice over 4000 years ago. An Egyptian wall painting in the Tomb of Akmanthor dates from 2330 BC and depicts two men having their hands and feet massaged, and the Indian tradition of Ayurvedic massage is at least that old.

NectarBee® has improved on the millennia old tradition with its deep tissue massage oils, available exclusively at The Green Solution®. The oils come in two varieties and utilize essential oils for a relaxing and healing experience. Rejuve offers a rejuvenating blend (think: sativa) of sweet orange, juniper berry, clove, and rosemary, while Soothe is formulated to encourage relaxing tranquility (think: indica) with lavender, frankincense, and sweet marjoram.

Each two-ounce bottle of NectarBee massage oil contains 250 mg of THC and 50 mg of CBD. The two work together synergistically to provide anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects, ensuring a deeply beneficial massage that will leave your skin healthy, nourished, and glowing.

After your massage, keep the glow going with the rest of NectarBee’s topical line – sugar scrub, bath fizzies, and moisturizing lotion, all formulated to keep your skin refreshed.